For this year's Summit, Junior Achievement of Greater Washington is happy to announce our partnership with

Students at the Summit will be working directly with the SUNNIVA founders to develop solutions to real life obstacles the brothers face in their day-to-day operations. Who better to learn about entrepreneurship from than three young people who know first-hand what it takes to start their own business?

A note from the SUNNIVA Team:

America's food paradigm is shifting from a tolerance for carbs and sugars, to healthy fats and proteins, and SUNNIVA Super Coffee is at the forefront of this movement. Mainstream bottled coffees are loaded with sugars, calories and artificial ingredients—most of the time they make us feel worse after drinking them than we did before we needed them. 

SUNNIVA's goal is two provide ambitious achievers with the healthy nourishment and motivation they need to create the future. SUNNIVA was born in our Youngest Brother's dorm room, and our products embody this underdog story. You can be whoever you want, you just need to believe in yourself, commit to your dreams, and relentlessly work through every obstacle you face (there will be a lot of them, trust me). 

SUNNIVA is proud to partner with JA to educate students on the dangers of big food marketing and ubiquitous junk foods/ingredients. We want to empower JA's students with a knowledge and motivation to avoid unhealthy, modernized, processed foods and seek the nourishing benefits of whole foods. Our mission to inspire healthy, productive lifestyles is complemented with our goal to encourage JA's students to relentlessly pursue their dreams. We want to show them that they already have everything they need to create their future. 

-Jordan, Jake and Jimmy DeCicco



Junior Achievement of Greater Washington thanks Sunniva for their commitment to helping us empower future entrepreneurs with the skills to succeed in the future. We can't wait to work together!