Please contact Chelsea Soneira if you would like to attend and observe any of the following upcoming notable program events.


march - June

JA will serve over 30,000 students between March and June. Your partnership is greatly needed. Please let us know if you would be interested in volunteering!  We are particularly in need of support from individual volunteers in Montgomery County, JA in a Day/corporate groups in DC and groups at JA Finance Park Prince George’s County.


In January, the JA Company Program® launched as an afterschool activity based out of JA Finance Park Fairfax.  A second program is expected to launch in DC in March.  This program serves both as a capacity-builder for our entrepreneurship continuum and an opportunity to evaluate the impact of JA’s entrepreneurship programming worldwide.

March 15

JA Finance Park Fairfax County will host students from Alexandria City Public Schools for the first time with volunteers from Politico.

march 30

The JA Bowl Committee is volunteering at JA Finance Park Fairfax County.

april & may

During these months, we will begin the third year of piloting JA Finance Park with students from Montgomery County Public Schools. 750 7th grade students from three middle schools will participate, and JA’s Board of Directors and Montgomery County Advisory Council, along with other partners, will volunteer.  Tours are planned during this time for the Montgomery County Council, Montgomery County Board of Education, and the Superintendent’s office.