Every year, teachers invite us into their classrooms to deliver JA® programs. That is a responsibility that we take seriously... and take on with passion. The response to Junior Achievement® in the region from educators has been overwhelmingly positive. You understand the importance of financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship programs to providing your students with a ladder to the American Dream. 

Junior Achievement programs are proven, valuable resources for teaching our students entrepreneurial skills and preparing them for an increasingly competitive workplace. Junior Achievement programs support standards of learning, can be integrated into curricula, and give students an opportunity for practical applications of business and economic concepts. As Superintendents, we strongly endorse Junior Achievement and the educationally sound, professionally delivered, and relevant programs that Junior Achievement provides.
— Current and former superintendents from Alexandria City Public Schools; Arlington County Public Schools; Diocese of Arlington Catholic Schools; Diocese of Washington, DC Catholic Schools; District of Columbia Public Schools; Fairfax County Public Schools; Montgomery County Public Schools; Prince George's County Public Schools

Mrs. Rashida Holman-Jones, Social Studies teacher at SEED Public Charter School in Washington, D.C. discusses her students' experience at JA Finance Park® Prince George's County in Landover, Maryland.

Our students had an excellent experience. The volunteers you had recruited were excellent, patient, and informative. The curriculum prior to the trip was excellent. The students were so well prepared and told me they felt like they had the tools they needed to complete the simulation. We could not have hoped for a better experience and are already excited for next year!
— Candace Roper, EXCEL Academy Public Charter School
Our students thoroughly enjoyed the JA Job Shadow™ day spent at the National Institutes of Health’s IT Department. It was quite an adventure from going through security along with employees reporting for their day, touring the data center, to talking with heads of various departments. Students especially enjoyed seeing the 3D printer in action and talking with staff in the Blackstone Lab who shared information on some of their current projects. It was also helpful to hear reflections from staff regarding the path to their careers. It was reassuring to hear your career can be a journey which is ever-changing! I was very excited that RMHS was one of the schools selected to participate in this JA® project!
— Mary Hull, Richard Montgomery High School
My experience with Junior Achievement® has consistently been positive throughout all areas of planning and execution. The flexibility of staff and their volunteers really makes the financial literacy experience an incredible one. Regarding the student experience, the JA® in a Day program gives students the chance to experience financial simulations that get them thinking about finance in real world terms. Finally, the impact on my students is certainly a positive one - each year, I have consistently seen students who have talked about their JA® experience throughout the year, especially during economics and social studies lesson sequences.
— Casey Siddons, Argyle Magnet Middle School
Bringing my students to JA Finance Park® was unique and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Before going to the park we were given lessons to prepare our students for their trip to JA Finance Park. The material ranged from specifics about income and earnings to budgeting and buying a house. These are lessons that we as teachers do not have the time or resources to bring to our students – it was also a great way to bring to life some of the concepts that are being taught in their math and social studies classes.

When arriving to the park the students were greeted by the volunteers from Bechtel and given a short orientation. After the orientation each volunteer took a group of students and went to a “homeroom” to start the day. At first most of the students and volunteers were quiet and shy towards one another because they had just met. The volunteers went over what the day would look like and how to use the technology in the park. After introductions some of the students began to open up and started realizing the importance of the activity. The volunteers not only engaged the students though the guided instructions, but shared stories and experiences from their own lives. This really sparked the attention of the students and gave them a chance to see how all of the information relates to being an adult.

As the day progressed the volunteers and students bonded and were able to truly dive into the material of JA Finance Park. The volunteer truly provided our students with an experience that they had never seen before. Being able to discuss what actually takes place in the “real world” in a real way, excited the students. Without the volunteers I don’t think our students would have been as engaged as they ended up being during the trip.
— Elizabeth Nakamura, Deal Middle School

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