Get an edge this Spring by joining Junior Achievement, Montgomery County Public Schools & the Montgomery County Council of PTAs for the

2020 connect business challenge

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Students participating in the CONNECT Business Challenge will engage in an after-school program designed around the JA It’s My Business!® Blended curriculum. The program will culminate in students competing against other MCPS students by pitching their ideas at the CONNECT Business Challenge.

What: JA It’s My Business! Blended Model offers middle school students an opportunity to engage in design thinking and experience the initial steps of a business startup with the end goal being that students address a social problem in their local community. Following participation in the program, students will be able to:

  • Identify their own personal entrepreneurial characteristics.

  • Engage in the process of design thinking to empathize with a problem in their local community.

  • Develop a business startup from its ideation, innovation, and market research through its design and prototyping.

  • Pitch their new business idea to a panel of judges.

Who: 6th-8th grade MCPS students

How: Schools interested in participating in the CONNECT Business Challenge must commit to the following:

  • Identify a location in your school for students to meet one afternoon per week throughout the 3rd quarter. Must have projection capability.

  • Identify at least one teacher that will serve as the JA It’s My Business facilitator each week.

  • Recruit students to participate in the program—students should expect to attend the program each week.

  • Recruit parents to serve as support volunteers as available.

  • Coordinate transportation to CONNECT Business Challenge in May at JA Finance Park® Montgomery County.

JA provides curriculum free of cost and training for the teacher/volunteers to implement the program.

When: The program should be completed during the 3rd quarter. A minimum of six sessions are required for students to complete, but nine sessions are recommended.

Meeting and pitch competition dates and times are TBD Spring 2020.

Where: Meetings will take place at the student’s home school. Pitch competition will take place at JA Finance Park® Montgomery County.