I am bowling for Junior Achievement. But I want to get one thing straight.

The JA Bowl-a-Thon isn't about strikes. It's about dreams. It's about aiming for the stars. It's about inspiring the next generation to answer the demands of the 21st century with “I can.”

It's about a young man from G. James Gholson Middle School who will walk into the Finance Park in Landover and see what it's like to receive a salary and to make the same real-life decisions that you and I make every day. He will choose a mortgage, buy a car, pay utilities, and budget for groceries.

It's about a sophomore at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School who will get the opportunity to spend the day at the job of her dreams, learn what it's really like, and become even more passionate about pursuing her future.  

It's about a young man from Wakefield High School in Northern Virginia who will become CEO of his own small business and work with a team of his peers to develop a real, marketable product, and in doing so, get an inside look into what it really takes to be an entrepreneur.   

It's about a seventh grader from Friendship Blow-Pierce Middle School in Washington who will learn what it takes to finish the month with a balanced budget and make up her mind to start saving for her future.

But I need your help.

Last year, Junior Achievement of Greater Washington impacted more students than the capacity of Nationals Park— over 66,000 students through more nearly 712,000 instructional hours. But this year, JA aims to do even more. This is why I am taking part in the Junior Achievement Bowl-a-Thon to raise money to bring JA’s dynamic programming to more students across Greater Washington.  Like JA, I believe in the boundless potential of every young person… and I believe in the importance of transforming JA from a mission to a movement.

I am trying to raise $XXX to do just that. Today, I am asking you to support me in my efforts by committing to a tax-deductible contribution to my Bowl-a-Thon team.  Follow the link to locate my company page, select “Make a Donation” and search for my name. You can also contact me directly to donate via check.

Thank you for your support!

Best regards,