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Do you want to learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Interested in someday owning your own business? The JA Company Program gives you the chance to put your ideas into action by starting and running your own startup with other students and with the guidance of volunteer role models from the business community. 

The innovative, digital, 21st century JA Company Program proves that this isn’t your Grandpa’s Junior Achievement. The re-imagined experience will spark the entrepreneurial spirit in students by helping them understand how to incubate and foster a successful enterprise. It will establish a pipeline of inspired and prepared individuals who will be the entrepreneurial game changers that will profoundly impact our economy.

Interested in the JA Company Program?

Let us know when and where you would like to participate so that we can keep you updated.


Contact Gayle Robinson, Director, Program Innovation
at (703) 426-1564 or Gayle.Robinson@JA.org