What is the JA® High School Heroes Program?

The High School Heroes program provides high school students the opportunity to become role models by teaching and inspiring elementary students. An elementary school teacher is matched with a team of JA High School Heroes who spend an entire day with the same class. As the teacher for the day, high school students teach a series of five fun and interactive lessons. JA recommends a team of 2-4 high school students for each elementary classroom.

What will I be teaching?

All JA programs are hands-on and focus on one or more of our three pillars: financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship. Each lesson is activity-based, reinforcing concepts. Along the way, you will talk to kids about your own life experience and what you’ve learned along the way to high school. Through the programs, you’ll inspire kids to think about college, careers, and what they can achieve if they work hard and dream big.

Where and when does this event take place?

Junior Achievement will help pair interested high schools with elementary schools within their pyramid; many high school students will volunteer in the same school they attended as a child.

How do I prepare?

You will attend a 90-minute training by JA staff at your school. During the training, students will receive their teaching materials, learn how to prepare the lessons, and gain effective classroom management skills.


  • Get practice being a role model to a younger student
  • Learn leadership and teamwork skills
  • Earn community service hours for graduation
  • Build public speaking and presentation skills
  • Get exposure to the teaching progression and gain hands-on, work-related experience
  • Build your resume and experience for college applications