How to fundraise for ja through Facebook

Facebook makes it easy to support the causes you care about (like JA!) With the Facebook Fundraisers tool, you can start your own mini-fundraiser for Junior Achievement and invite your friends to participate.

Facebook Fundraising allows you to establish a dedicated page to share your JA story, invite others to help you reach your fundraising goal, and share your fundraiser on the News Feed.

Birthday coming up? This tool also allows you to donate your birthday to Junior Achievement. This is a great way to transform a generic “Happy Birthday” post from a friend into a meaningful gift for you and Greater Washington youth.

FB Fundraising 1.PNG


How to Create a Fundraiser

FB Fundraising.PNG
  1. Click on the “Fundraisers” tab on your Home Page.
  2. Select “Raise Money for a Nonprofit Organization.” 
  3. Select “Get Started.”
  4. Search and select “Junior Achievement of Greater Washington,” enter your fundraising goal and end date, and click “Next.”
  5. Enter a title for your fundraiser. Then, write a description that tells your JA story and gives supporters a reason to donate. Click “Next.”
  6. Upload a cover photo or use JA’s suggested photo. Click “Create.”
  7. Finally, invite your friends to contribute!

Note: All donations directly support Junior Achievement of Greater Washington programming and require no additional fees. 

Questions? Contact Kate Keverline.