Elementary School Impact

External evaluators found that elementary school students who participate in JA® demonstrate significantly higher critical thinking and problem-solving skills than their counterparts.

Percentage of Students Who Demonstrate Higher Critical Thiking and Problem-Solving Skills

Middle School Impact

The majority of middle school students (71%) reported that JA® helped them recognize the importance of education and motivated them to work harder to achieve educational and work goals. Middle school students also understand more about personal finance, business, and economic concepts after participating in JA® programs.

Percentage of Students Who Recognize the Importance of Education

High school impact

The majority of students (79%) agreed that JA® positively influenced their attitudes toward continuing their education. JA students were more likely than students in general to matriculate to college immediately after high school (77% versus 69%). Furthermore, most students reported that JA® made the transition to college easier, encouraged them to work hard, and provided them information that was relevant.

What is the Highest Level of Education You Will Achieve: JA® vs. Non-JA® Students

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