At Junior Achievement of Greater Washington, through our relevant, authentic, and experiential financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship programs, we are inspiring a generation to be financially capable and tenacious. With the help of volunteer role models and partners like you, we are equipping these young people with the tools to solve problems creatively, manage risk effectively, and welcome opportunity. Together, we are working to give our region's youth the hope to see a brighter future and the skills to answer the demands of the 21st century economy with "I can."


JA® connects education to real-world concepts to heighten students' appreciation for academics and long-term aspirations, giving them vision to see what's possible in the future and the skills to achieve their dreams.


JA® infuses business connectivity and role models into all aspects of learning to deepen students' understanding and sustain engagement.


JA® delivers opportunities to apply academic concepts to enhance students' retention of knowledge and develop skills for success, bringing lessons to life.

There are many ways you can financially support our work in the region and join the JA® movement to ensure Washington's young people are prepared for success. From sponsoring a space at one of our three JA Finance Park® facilities or a table at the Washington Business Hall of Fame, to taking part in a JA® Bowl-a-Thon with your company or investing in the JA® Generation Fund. Every dollar makes a difference in our work to bring our innovative financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship programs to our region's young people.

Honoring Diane Hoskins (Gensler), O.M. (Tony) Nicely (GEICO), Kenneth A. Samet (MedStar Heath), and Gary Tabach (Deloitte)

Honoring Diane Hoskins (Gensler), O.M. (Tony) Nicely (GEICO), Kenneth A. Samet (MedStar Heath), and Gary Tabach (Deloitte)

Chaired by

James Schenck

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Want to create an awesome resume? How about find a fulfilling career? Ever wonder if you have the skills to manage your finances, make the right choices, and take on your destiny with the skills to be successful? With JA My Way™ you can find careers that match your personality, explore buying a car, learn about saving for college and applying for student aid, build a resume, and find out about starting your own business. Your future is yours for the making... we want to help you make it awesome.