JA Finance Park

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke delivers
the keynote address at the Grand Opening of
Junior Achievement Finance Park.

Junior Achievement of Greater Washington is committed to providing students a real-world perspective of finance - one that is current, practical, and easy to understand. Junior Achievement has strengthened its commitment to area students by creating an experiential financial literacy center in the region. In concert with Fairfax County Public Schools, and with the support of the local business community, Junior Achievement constructed a state-of-the-art 20,000 square-foot facility - Junior Achievement Finance Park - on the Frost-Woodson Campus in Fairfax, Virginia. Delivering high-tech, high-touch educational experiences to more than 14,000 middle school students each year.

A student logs on to a computer to discover
her life situation for the day, including her
gross annual income, marital status, and
number of children.

The Junior Achievement Finance Park experience begins in the classroom. The four-week classroom curriculum culminates with a day at Junior Achievement Finance Park, where students immerse themselves in a reality-based decision-making process addressing aspects of individual and family budgeting, including housing, transportation, food, utilities, health care, investments, philanthropy, and banking. The on-site activities are designed to allow students the opportunity to "put into action" what they have learned in the classroom and to understand the basic steps of maintaining a realistic personal budget. Two weeks of classroom follow-up allows students to use their new financial knowledge to explore career options and to set future goals.

A volunteer works with a student to help her
devise and balance a monthly budget with
expenditures in 18 different categories.

True learning comes from doing and - when given the right tools - students surprise us with abilities we never expected. By providing them with a dynamic environment, where they take control of their decisions, Junior Achievement Finance Park helps students build financial skills for life. Junior Achievement is assembling a team of stakeholders to partner with us in this unique opportunity. As a vital member of our team, your gifts and sponsorships provide the capital necessary to operate this state-of-the-art facility.

Students at the Credit Union storefront
learn the value of saving money by making
a deposit in their personal savings account.

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