100% ... Inspired. Prepared. Employed.


Junior Achievement of Greater Washington is changing the game for our region’s youth with relevant, experiential education for the real world.

Our visionary philosophy and innovative, hands-on approach is shaped by a passionate collective of the nation’s educational thought leaders, business front-runners and Greater Washington civic leaders who come together as role models, partners and volunteer mentors to challenge the status quo.

JA students benefit from financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship programs that are proven to help them be 100% ready for real life in the real world.



JA connects education to real-world concepts to heighten students' appreciation for academics and long-term aspirations, giving them vision to see what's possible in the future and the skills to achieve their dreams.


JA infuses business connectivity and role models into all aspects of learning to deepen students' understanding and sustain engagement.


JA delivers opportunities to apply academic concepts to enhance students' retention of knowledge and develop skills for success, bringing lessons to life.

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