JA of Greater Washington named 2015-2016 Peak Performance Team Award, 4 Star Award Recipient by JA USA

On January 30, 2017, JA USA announced that JA of Greater Washington is one of 18 JA area offices to earn the 2015-16 Peak Performance Team Award. This award recognizes superior annual performance by a JA area team in achieving growth in students reached or contact hours delivered, while sustaining financial and operational soundness. 

At the same time, JA USA also announced the 2015-2016 3,4, and 5 Star Award winning JA areas. JA of Greater Washington was recognized as a 4 Star Award winning area, up a level from last year. This award recognize staff and boards in JA Areas that meet JA USA’s operational standards for compliance, student impact, operational efficiency, financial stability and sustainability. 

JA of Greater Washington thanks their Board Members, volunteers, and staff members for earning this recognition and continuing to help our organization grow and thrive.