Virginia529 renews JA Finance Park Fairfax County partnership

The Virginia College Savings Plan, also known as Virginia529, has agreed to continue their partnership with Junior Achievement of Greater Washington at JA Finance Park Fairfax County.

Virginia529 partners with several organizations in Virginia to provide volunteers, resources and donations to support the communities in which they live. As part of this legacy of giving back, last year, Virginia529 installed an engaging wall exhibit to educate students on College Savings at the JA Finance Park in Fairfax, Virginia.

The exhibit, which reads “Where will your dreams take you? You’ll need education or training to get there,” encourages students to consider the costs of furthering their education and explore ways that they can finance their big dreams.

Junior Achievement thanks Virginia529 for their continued support and looks forward to continuing their work together.

About Virginia529

Born as the Virginia Higher Education Tuition and Trust Authority in a cubicle in the Department of Treasury, the Virginia College Savings Plan – or VA529 – has emerged as a premier 529 Plan in the country. What started as a vision for helping families pay for college via a prepaid tuition program has grown into the largest 529 plan in the country with over 23% of the nation’s 529 assets. Our founding Executive Director and the Virginia General Assembly saw a need to help the families of the Commonwealth prepare for higher education in an affordable manner. Fifteen years later, we continue to deliver by offering four flexible, affordable and tax advantaged programs to enable families throughout the nation to pursue higher education.

Located in Richmond, Virginia, VA529 is an independent state agency with a diverse team of 80 very dedicated employees. Our growing agency thrives on innovation by employees who believe in our mission and work hard every day to ensure we are offering the best 529 options to our customers.