asheesh advani

JA Worldwide President Asheesh Advani: 6 Expert Ways to Make Your Kids Financially Successful for Life (Inc. Magazine)

Many think of teenagers being fiscally irresponsible. Everyone wants their kids to understand the value of money, but somehow, a lot of them never get there. It makes letting them go that much more difficult. You don't have to push your child to be an entrepreneur just so they will understand how to manage money. Actually there are some simple ways to accomplish this task even if you struggle with money yourself.

Recently I discussed this topic with Asheesh Advani, CEO of Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide, a massive global organization that educates more than 10 million young people per year. I had long thought JA was primarily focused on teaching kids about entrepreneurship. In actuality, JA has three major pillars of how they help children become productive and resilient in society. Aside from entrepreneurship, they teach career readiness and most importantly financial literacy.